Bitterness Broken in His Presence


I remember how interested I first was to learn about the Lord and His truths when I became a believer.  I wrote connecting verses and revelations that came to mind on whatever paper (or napkin) was within my reach at that moment.  It was so exciting to be gaining all the understanding I could handle.

Along the way, though, I had begun picking up man-made religious views of the Lord’s character, in combination with viewing Him as having the flawed human characteristics of those who had hurt me in my life, as well as not receiving special requests I had been asking for.

Views like these certainly become toys for Satan and his army of darkness to play with; a foothold with the goal of corrupting my relationship with the Lord through distortion of His true character.  For me, He began looking more like an enemy than my Friend, because bitterness was weaving through.  When bitterness is there, nothing is beautiful or enjoyable!

One religious view that the Spirit eventually exposed was that the Lord did not support enjoying things and having fun because I might lose focus and He wasn’t a fun God.  The truth I came to realize, though, is that times of having fun and enjoying things are JUST AS important as studying to appreciate the Lord.  He’s formed many fun things and experiences in His creation to enjoy and I have even experienced His humor!

I also thought I had to have it all together to receive certain blessings I was seeking.  But,

The Lord will not withhold/keep any good thing from those whose ways are upright’ ~Psalms 84:11

Greek translations for the word upright are ‘complete’, ‘whole’ and ‘without blemish’, all of which Christ has already made us through the cross if we have willingly received salvation.  So, this means that I don’t have to try to have everything together in my own efforts to receive any good thing I have sought to receive!

In my mind, the Lord was also impatient with me.  What a lie!  I didn’t even have to read every verse in the bible about Him being patient to truly believe this…I felt it deeply in my Spirit while spending time in His presence.  The Lord is completely patient!

Some other special and important truths are that the Lord does listen and cares about our prayers and that He values our friendship highly.  
Personal desires and hopes, like marriage, are very valuable to Him as well.

I really learned all these truths in the Lord’s Presence.  I began learning all these true characteristics of the Lord especially after He spoke to me one day, concerning blessings; 
“I can’t give you what I don’t have to give”.  I understood what this statement meant….He can’t bless me or anyone with something I haven’t entrusted to Him.  I then put every thing that was precious to me in His hands and it was immediate Him working on me to receive blessings I had sought, and while all of these desires were in His hands, I was able to get to know who He truly is and to this day, I’ve seen nothing but beauty!

People can quote the bible all their lives and tell you that the Lord cares and that He is love, but it isn’t until you experience Him in His presence that you can truly have confidence in and trust Him for who He says He is!


About Brittney Hamilton

I am a beloved of Jesus Christ my Lord, to whom has made me a teacher and such of the Word to His men and women. I am published author of three devotional-type books.
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