A Matter of Time


I used to believe that my Lord was endlessly telling me to wait and then wait longer whenever I continuously hit disappointments and unfulfillment, especially concerning meeting my future spouse.  I felt so powerless in His ‘painfully cruel game’ that I assumed was to push me to my limits in patience.

This view of the Lord did anything but give me more patience or love for Him, but rather created a root of bitterness and hopelessness of recieving my blessings and trusting the Lord I was trying to serve.  To me, the Lord was completely responsible for how long it took to physically receive blessings of companionship, healings, and other blessings.  I hadn’t yet realized that the Lord hears and answers anything that He has promised in His Word the first time we speak it, be it prosperity, healing, purpose in something specific, etc.

The Lord is not limited by time.  He doesn’t need the span of years to release to us the spouse He has in mind for us, healings of all forms or wisdom about a situation, blessings of the Lord’s will, etc.  It is not in His character to play ‘cruel waiting games’ with us.  He wants you healed or blessed as soon as possible!  Ideally, He doesn’t desire any of us to have to be sick or without the good gifts from His hands at all.

The physical delays can result from different factors that aren’t deliberately my Lord’s doings, like a need for increased faith in us, that may not be immediately realized.  Sometimes our mindsets, shaped from past experiences, can hinder us greatly and require attaining freedom to see clearly and not be deceived again. Wrong beliefs/views about the Lord’s character may need addressed to better trust Him and show Him faithful in already answering what we have needed and desired.

Many people I’ve run in to come across as believing that the Lord is always treating them like the only thing He is ever working on in them is patience…that they are just waiting for someday when He decides to act.  A vision He showed me creates a different picture.  I saw Him working with us like children, wanting us to understand what it’s like to walk in freedom…like a parent watching and assisting the child lightly, but because him or her has never walked in that way before, the Lord is trying to let them have a part in the process instead of being a dominating force.  He is helping us advance to where we become aware of truth so that we will never be deceived or hindered again by what had before.  So that we can walk in more freedom from hindrances that delay the recieving process and amount of time it takes.

A friend of mine had come to realize that her personal healing had been delayed because of other deeper emotional healings, stemming from her unpleasant childhood.  These emotional  blockades are what needed to be broken through to fully recieve what she had been seeking…and before she could see and understand that the Lord had already worked it out for her to receive.  Thanks to the Lord, who revealed the blockade, she was able to see these hindersome ropes.  The emotional ropes were holding her back from greater closeness with the Lord and from everything she most sought.  But the truth was able to set her free, as she refocused her prayer and steps for progressing through the blockades.  Seeing truth aided her in greater trust that the Lord has been faithful in helping her to freedom rather than being the One keeping her in bondage for a long period of time.

 And you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free” (John 8:32)

My own blessings being sought had been delayed because of religious lies I had believed about the Lord,  resulting in me not fully placing what I was waiting for in the Lord’s hands.  Because of my Lord exposing them, I finally saw these hindersome lies from the enemy.  After seeing the problem, I asked the Spirit in faith to demolish these blockades in me (with the sword of the Spirit, which is the Word and revelations from the Lord) and for the wisdom on what my part is in accomplishing this.  The lies had to be removed first before the blessings could fully come through and be recieved.  And since I was now aware of the problem, I could speed up the process by the Spirit.  

The removal process can feel challenging at first, but just recognizing the change and victory in the Spirit is so exciting!  Making it through results in the issue being gone and the opportunities never to be deceived again!  Even more so, knowing that the Lord has worked on the issue even before we realize should result in praise, reassurance and thankfulness!



About Brittney Hamilton

I am a beloved of Jesus Christ my Lord, to whom has made me a teacher and such of the Word to His men and women. I am published author of three devotional-type books.
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