Not If, but When It Happens


There is a fascinating old testament account that has really contributed to my verbal declaration of belief of physically recieving blessings I had been waiting for.

Judges 13:1-25 shares a great demonstration of faith from a couple who recieve pleasant news about the fulfillment of their desire.  An angel from the Lord appears to a woman in Israel who hasn’t been able to have children, proclaiming that she will indeed have a son.  The woman shares this with her husband, Manoah who refreshingly doesn’t question her testimony, but prays for the angel to return with more instruction on how to raise the boy.  This prayer of his is answered and the angel returns.  

Speaking to the angel (he doesn’t realize that it is an angel at this point), Monoah responds in a powerful sureness, saying

“When your words come true, what kind of rules should govern the boy’s life and work?” (Judges 13:12)

Monoah did not say IF it comes true, but rather WHEN it comes true, showing a belief that would result in the fulfillment of their desired blessing.

That statement comes to mind often now when I am trying to believe to receive a request or blessing, declaring “when it happens”, not if it happens.  Even before I found this incident, my Lord had brought to my attention to be mindful of what I am saying and declaring.  One day, a while back I had been on the floor demanding a specific precious blessing and accusing my Lord of not fulfilling it, nor doing anything to fulfill it.  With a gentle conviction, I became aware of what I was proclaiming, as I quickly changed my accusation of Him not fulfilling it, to claiming that He has fulfilled it.

Peace and hopefulness promptly accompanied my changing of statement, as well as some apologies from me!  I crossed the gap in belief and proclamation from ‘if it comes to be’ to ‘when it comes to be’.

What a person claims can be powerful in wonderful or negative ways.  What are your words claiming?


About Brittney Hamilton

I am a beloved of Jesus Christ my Lord, to whom has made me a teacher and such of the Word to His men and women. I am published author of three devotional-type books.
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1 Response to Not If, but When It Happens

  1. Marissa Fedorow says:

    Yes, our words have power! There is also a tension between declaring “when” and also surrendering my will to the Lord’s. But, if He has clearly spoken something to me, “when” is the absolute best response! P.S.- Love the frame in the tree!

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