Use Your Weapons: Spirit-Inspired Singing

angelic statue and sunset scenery

Distractions can become like a guard rail, coming down to hault my complete awareness of the Lord.

Worries of the world and it’s busyness may become abundant in my thoughts, pushing out thankfulness to my Lord in the moments of my life.

But then I use my weapons, as I change my atmosphere with the sudden sharp light of singing life-filled words.

They stream through my thoughts, with key words and ideas that point me back to my ever-present Lord. (*Matthew 28:20)

I consider the fact that, like me, the Lord also desires and needs to know that He is appreciated and thought of (**Ephesians 5:19-20)

The Lord inhibits praises and spiritual victory truly does follow daily.

Many dark presences have also drawn back from around me while I’ve sung what the Spirit brings to mind.  There is no room for darkness when powerful beams of words circulate through and occupy the space i’m in!

And when that evil darkness, or my flesh, suggests distortions and false thoughts about the Lord’s good character, the Spirit provides…

He provides me with pieces of songs that interrupt what could have been a downward spiral of deceit from my enemy.

Thank You, Holy Spirit!

And because I am connected to the spiritual realm, I’m sure angels gather around to listen and occupy the spaces where darkness can’t be!

*And never forget that I am with you every day, even to the completion of this age.” (*Matthew 28:20)

**Sing and make music from your heart to the Lord, always giving thanks to God the Father for everything, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ (Ephesians 5:19:20)

About Brittney Hamilton

I am a beloved of Jesus Christ my Lord, to whom has made me a teacher and such of the Word to His men and women. I am published author of three devotional-type books.
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1 Response to Use Your Weapons: Spirit-Inspired Singing

  1. Wanda Bays says:

    Brittany, the words the Lord gives you are beautiful expressions of love and honor for our God and Creator of the Universe.
    A very enjoyable read.
    Thank you!

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