In My Lord’s Defense


I remember when I moved out of a dreadful little house I had rented with a roommate.  Poor conditions and questionable neighborhood safety made it a bad memory.  I then took a leap of faith and moved into a much nicer rental house by myself, even though the owners were planning to sell later that year.  In the meantime my privacy and a safe neighborhood were so enjoyable!

One morning, as I was meditating in front of one of the house’s large windows, I began entertaining a negative thought.  I started wondering if, since I was in such a pleasant place and was enjoying it, perhaps it meant the next place i came to would be very unpleasant.  Was I getting a short relieving break to refresh until the next dreadful situation?  It was like I was believing that the Lord only had a limited amount of blessings for me or only WANTED to give me limited enjoyable outcomes and blessings.  What a religious misunderstanding of the Lord’s character!  It was very limited and harsh as I look back, especially now after having gained greater understanding of His beautiful character since then.  How often have I been thankful for my changed perspective! The Spirit did eventually lead me to an even better living situation, at just the right time, thank the Lord.

I remind myself of this situation often.  Sometimes because of the seemingly endless moments where I hear people respond to enjoyable/pleasant days or occurrences, like the weather or the morning routine that seems to work out smoothly, with fear.  These fears commonly sound like “Just wait, we will probably pay for it later” or “Don’t expect it to last” and other comments of dreaded future assumptions.  I respond by telling them to just enjoy the pleasantness they are experiencing now and that what they are dreading does NOT HAVE TO be a guaranteed reality.

These people, and I’ve run into many of them, make it sound that to enjoy something is setting them up for disappointment afterwards and are afraid to trust that it won’t be short-lived.  But blessings don’t have to be limited or short-lived.

These worries and assumptions show a great lack of understanding and perspective about the Lord’s generosity.  If reading the Bible through the understanding of the Holy Spirit, the generosity of the Lord, like privileges, blessings and enjoyment that have been made available, are amazing!  One verse shares that a believer has

“Endless treasures (currently) available to them in Christ” ~Ephesians 3:8 (NLT, word ‘currently’ added)

Also, Christ states that

I have come that they may have life, and have it in all its fullness” ~John 10:10

Other translations use the terms ‘abundantly’ and ‘in abundance’.  He isn’t a God who is out to get His creations or to mislead them.  He doesn’t have a limit on what He can give and has given His people.  Blessings and pleasant things don’t  have to be limited.  He has wanted to give so much love and blessings that those who are His can’t even completely comprehend it, as assured here,

“May you experience the love of Christ, even though it is too great to understand fully.  Then you will be made complete with all the fullness of life and power that comes from God” ~Ephesians 3:19

The Lord DOES want to give abundantly of His love and blessings, He HAS given abundantly,  and they don’t have to be limited in our lives!






About Brittney Hamilton

I am a beloved of Jesus Christ my Lord, to whom has made me a teacher and such of the Word to His men and women. I am published author of three devotional-type books.
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2 Responses to In My Lord’s Defense

  1. Jennifer says:

    I like this!
    I used to think that way all the time.
    Because of fear, I used to think I couldn’t enjoy
    those sweet moments of happiness because if I did something bad was coming, around the corner.
    Fear is crippling, enslaving.
    But true love drives out fear.
    God is true, pure, heavenly, wonderful love.💜

    • Overall, that idea of not feeling like we can enjoy something is manmade religion, which is of satan’s realm because it steals our freedom and kills our peace and destroys us. Thank goodness the Lord ISN’T religious! Thank you for your comment

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