Persistence.  This is the word the Lord has consistently brought me back to this year and it proves to be a very valuable quality!  It compliments faith, causing seemingly impossible results to manifest, because being persistent shows that what you are believing for IS possible and worth it.  The Lord is also persistent (Philippians1:6), both in having a relationship with us and continually helping us to discover and live the abundant life He specifically called each of us to.  He is persistent because He believes we are worth it and He truly cares that we recieve the blessings/purposes He has for us!  We can persist through Christ, who strengthens us (Philippians 4:13)!  So don’t ever throw away your confidence by ceasing to be persistent, especially before you see your victory, in Jesus Name!   Have a fresh and exciting new year!

About Brittney Hamilton

I am a beloved of Jesus Christ my Lord, to whom has made me a teacher and such of the Word to His men and women. I am published author of three devotional-type books.
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