The Revelation of Spiritual Seeds and Roots for Soul Cleansing

I often learn the Lord’s truths in nature terms from the spiritual realm.  I recieve many visuals of natural imagery and one huge concept that I apply to my daily life involves seeds and roots.  Everything that happens in our life, through circumstances, other people’s decisions, and through the enemy’s interferences, are seeds that are planted in us.  We can recieve seeds that are of the Holy Trinity, that take root inside to eventually grow into wonderful and victorious produce on the surface.  They can manifest in our lives to become part of how we live in this natural realm. 
But things that are not of the Lord, like traumatic childhood or present experiences, can also be planted and take root to hinder us from being who the Lord has made us and from doing what the Lord planned for us to accomplish.  A very fearful and unhealthy experience that may have happened to a person when they were younger can plant a seed of memory, and if not dealt with immediately, can take root in mind and thoughts.  If that happens, it grows deep and becomes a stronghold that directs how one lives and acts…and most restricts them from where the Lord want to take them.
Words as another example, can be spoken to us, by others, in a derailing and negative way when they are trying purposely to hurt us, doing it in ignorance, or not guided by the Holy Spirit.  What we say has the power of death or life according to the Word (Proverbs 18:21) and they may take root by way of becoming how we think about ourselves, life, and the Holy Trinity. 
  Anything can be planted in us, which is why it truly does matter what a person allows themselves to see and hear!  I think the majority of this world probably doesn’t even have an understanding of this spiritual truth, which the Word even points out that people perish for a lack of knowledge (Hosea 4:6). 
Seeds that fall on the soil of our souls aren’t always a deliberate thing by us.  We may unexpectedly hear something or see something and then we can’t always predict what someone else is going to do (like seeing someone wreck their car nearby or someone unexpectedly coming up and expressing their judgement about someone else).  However, some of our actions can be deliberate, like what we watch.  Images can be a very powerful and influence on a person, so be mindful of what you watch.
All that is planted in us matters and it so wise, as in with every area of our lives, to pray and seek the Lord’s wisdom and council.
Seeds can either bring life, encouragement and spiritual growth as they take root, or bad seeds could cause hinderances in willingness to do something that the Lord is guiding you to do in the present and future, taking room away from what is lovely and from expectations of victory in the spiritual walk.
So, what to do with this revelation-knowledge?  What the Lord has had me do is to pray in that all seeds and roots that the Lord has not planted in me be removed and completely replaced with the Lord’s truths, realities, and all good things from Him.  In faith, i believe that it is done and that the Lord hears and answers, in Jesus Name.  It works every time!

About Brittney Hamilton

I am a beloved of Jesus Christ my Lord, to whom has made me a teacher and such of the Word to His men and women. I am published author of three devotional-type books.
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