My interest in beginning a blog

My interest in beginning a blog began while I was publishing my most recent book.  I am currently the published author of three books–

   † Intimate Lessons in Holy Whispers (2019)

   † Eyes Like Lamps and Visions (2014)

   † All the Mortal Idols Abandoned (2010) 

As I have gone through the publishing process over and over, a concern has quietly lingered in my thoughts about timely messages.  At first I thought I was getting a lesson in patience and perhaps at times that was needed.  But as I had to do much waiting during the publishing process, I continued to consider the possibility that someone may need and benefit from my messages from the Lord on a regular basis.  Also, we never know what is going to happen tomorrow.  So here is my blog to share insights, understanding, and wisdom from the Lord about Him, life, and premarital relationships!

‘How good is a word at the right time!’ (Proverbs 15:23)

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